About the Book - Book Overview

All of the information that can be found on the Internet about you, shapes an image of who you are, an Online Image. Your Online Image consists of the blog posts, pictures, webpages, videos, etc. that can be found and perceived as you on the Internet. As long as the stuff looks like it belongs to you, it will be attributed to you.
This book guides an individual through a six phase process aimed at building a complete Online Image. It is divided into two parts. The first part is "Why It Matters" and the second part is "What You Can Do About It!". The book gives strategies and instruction on how to find and remove problematic content from the Internet. In addition, you will learn how to build an Online Image and promote yourself on the Internet.

Facts of Online Life

53% of American adults use search engines to find information about each other
--Pew Internet & American Life

About the Book - Chapter List

Part I – Why It Matters
Chapter One: The Absence of Privacy on a Global Scale
Chapter Two: Who You Are Online -Your Online Image
Chapter Three: Why You Should Manage Your Online Image
Chapter Four: The impact of Social Networking

Part II – What You Can Do About It!
Chapter Five: Introduction to Online Image Management
Chapter Six: Identification Phase of Online Image Management
Chapter Seven: Conception Phase of Online Image Management
Chapter Eight: Build Phase of Online Image Management
Chapter Nine: Promotion Phase of Online Image Management
Chapter Ten: Protection Phase of Online Image Management
Chapter Eleven: Maintainence Phase of Online Image Management

Facts of Online Life

77% of executive recruiters use the Internet to research applicants

About the Book - Topics Covered

  • Loss of Privacy
  • Who Should Manage Their Online Image
  • Removing content from the Internet
  • Dangers of Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Stereotype and the Internet
  • Employers and the Internet
  • College Admissions
  • Registering a Domain name
  • How to find elements of your Online Image
  • Targeting an audience
  • How to build a website for an Online Image
  • Picking web hosting
  • Creating Scannable Text
  • Rules for writing web based content
  • Promotion of your Online Image
And much, much more...

Facts of Online Life

One in five employers have policies regulating how their employees present themselves online.
--Pew Internet Research

About the Book - Sample Chapter

Download Chapter 1: The Absence of Privacy on a Global Scale in Adobe Acrobat format.

Facts of Online Life

26% of college admissions officers use the Internet to research candidates
--University of Massachusets Center for Market Research

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